A world at the door

I don’t remember when was the first time I took a picture of a door, but it was probably a long time ago and without any particular intention… “A world at the door” was still far from being born…

Time passed and almost by itself, I went from having a photo of a door, many photos of many doors, to realize that I had a photographic project at hand! So I would say that this idea emerged a long time ago, only that I had not realized it yet…

In “A world at the door”, I intend to show the doors that I have been collecting through the years and travels, under different themes. Some are grouped by the specific place on the map where I found them, and, as expected, by their proximity they share many features in common, such as colors, shapes or architectural styles. But what happens when they are grouped into categories that do not reveal their origin, but are united by a common element, even if they belong to the most different places around the world? It seems that despite the many differences that may exist between here and there, the doors appear as a unifying element across the globe. Thus, in the same composition, and under a certain criteria, you will see a door of Buenos Aires, next to one of Tallinn, Madrid, of a white village in the Alpujarras of Granada, of a commune in Tuscany, of the medina from Chefchaouen or from the imperial city of Fez.

I invite you to enjoy this photographic project and play guessing where each of these doors comes from (and many more that are coming…)

And because I am very happy with this project and joy is of no use if it is not shared, I want to gift a selection of ten high quality digital postcards, for all those who subscribe to the blog (once you subscribe, you get a welcome email and from there you can download the postcards). Meanwhile, here are some miniatures for you to see.

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If you have any suggestions, such as a category that you would like to appear in “A world at the door” you can leave it in the comments below. And if you think someone might like this project, I thank you very much for sharing it!